The seeds for the York Quilters’ Guild were sown when Carol Blevins lamented to a few of her students that she seldom got to see projects begun in her classes as finished quilts. Someone suggested waiting a few months and then getting together for a show-and-tell session.
A few weeks later, in June 1985, eight quilters met to plan a show-and-tell meeting and to see if there was  any interest in forming a quilters’ guild in the York area.
Newspaper articles and posters placed in supermarkets and fabric shops produced nearly 75 quilters with armloads of quilts to share on a Sunday afternoon. There certainly was interest!  Another meeting was planned for the third Thursday in October.
From eight members — Carol Blevins, Deanna Evans, Mary Ellen Galloway, Helen Gockley, Marti Leader, Mickey Manifold, Cindy Martin and Sheila Arnold —  the York Quilters’ Guild has grown and continues to be a vibrant, active group.