Quilt Entry Registration

From the 2018 Celebration of Quilts Archive:

Quilt registration is now closed.


Step 1:  Please begin by reading the quilt show rules:  Download File:  2018 Rules and Categories for Quilt Show Entries

Step 2:  Download a Printable Registration Form or fill out the online form below.


Quilt Registration Form
Celebration of Quilts 2018
​”Quilting Outside the Lines”

We appreciate your willingness to share your quilts with us and know that they will be a valuable asset to YQG’s CELEBRATION OF QUILTS 2018!  THANK YOU for your contribution!


Quilt Information

Category Descriptions:
A1 – A3 Large quilt – Perimeter greater than 300 inches, single maker – judged.
B1 – B3 Small quilt – Perimeter 300 inches or less, single maker – judged.
C1 – C3 Collaborative large – Two people worked on this quilt, perimeter greater than 300 inches – judged.
D1 – D3 Collaborative small – Two people worked on this quilt, perimeter 300 inches or less – judged.
E1 – E3 Team – Three or more people worked on this quilt – judged.
F1 – F3 Miniature – Perimeter less than 96 inches, miniature version of a quilt – judged.
G1 – G2 Miscellaneous – quilted wearable art, other quilted items – judged.
H1 Youth – Any quilted item made by someone under the age of 14 – judged.
H2 Youth – Any quilted item made by someone between the ages of 14 and 18 – judged.
N1 Display only – Any quilted item – not judged.
For full descriptions, pleaseread the rules.
Note: The judges reserve the right not to judge an item that is determined to have been entered in the wrong category.
If entering in category H1 or H2, please provide age of maker in the quilt description.

Photos of your quilt should be sent by US mail to the registrar along with your form, or if registering online, emailed to Celebratequiltsphotos@gmail.com. If submitting by US mail, include your name, quilt category, title, and size on the back of each photo. If sending the photo(s) by email, please use the subject line “Celebration of Quilts 2018 photo”, send a new message for each quilt, and include your name, quilt category, title, and size in the message of the email when attaching your digital photo(s).

You should provide insurance coverage on your own entries through your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policies. York Quilters’ Guild, Inc. and York College of Pennsylvania are not responsible for any loss of, damage to, or theft of any entry.By submitting this form, I agree to abide by all conditions stated in the rules for this show; to grant York Quilters’ Guild, Inc. permission to photograph all entries for archival and publicity purposes; and to not hold York Quilters’ Guild, Inc. responsible for anything beyond their control. I also understand that since photography by show attendees is not restricted, my quilt(s) may be photographed by individuals attending the show for private and personal use only.


Download File

Entry Fees

First item for judging………………….$6.00
Additional item(s) for judging……….$3.00 each
Display-only item(s)……………………$3.00 each
Entry fee(s) may be submitted online using PayPal (which accepts credit/debit cards as well). See instructions below.
Otherwise, please send your entry form and payment by mail to:

Cheryl Dawson
393 Waters Road
York, PA 17403
Checks should be made payable to York Quilters’ Guild, Inc.

Pay Online with PayPal

To pay online using PayPal (which accepts credit/debit cards as well), select the entry of your choice in the menu below and “Add to Cart.” If you would like to enter more than one quilt, simply come back to this page and select your additional quilt options and “Add to Cart.”
Before checking out of PayPal, you may also want to add tickets for the Celebration of Quilts to your cart.
Type of Entry