October 2015 Newsletter

President's Message - Water

By the shores of Gitchee Gumee,
By the shining Big-Sea-Water,
Stood the wigwam of Nokomis,
Daughter of the Moon, Nokomis,
Dark behind it rose the forest,
Rose the black and gloomy pine-trees,
Rose the firs with cones upon them;
Bright before it beat the water,
Beat the clear and sunny water,
Beat the shining Big-Sea-Water.
– Longfellow, The Song of Hiawatha, 1855

Water is the Hub of Life. Water is life’s mater and matrix, its mother and medium. Water is a most extraordinary and unique substance! Nearly all its properties are strange, which enabled life to use these properties as building blocks for its vital machinery. Life makes water dance in tune with the solids.” Adapted from Albert Szent-Gyorgyi (1972)
My dear quilting friends, my husband and I spent a few wonderful days on a 128 year old schooner, sleeping under two vintage handmade quilts.  I enjoyed the fine sunny days, the moon and its wonderful eclipse, the pines and firs, and mostly, sailing on the shining Big-Sea-Water off the coast of Maine. Big fun!
    Now the time has come for me to flow like a river, away from my position as your president; evaporate like a dew drop; clear away like the pea soup Maine fog we sailed in one day.  Actually I won’t be leaving, just switching over to being your past president while Sarah takes over the reins.  My hope for her is that she will enjoy her year as much as I did. It has been such a pleasure to serve my Guild.
    I’m looking forward to the October meeting when the Challenge quilts will be revealed. See you then…… it’s been real………. Rita VanWyk-Due

Secretary's Report


The meeting was called to order by Rita VanWyk-Due, President at 7pm. Rita welcomed everyone and opened the meeting with a quote of the day:

“Luck is being prepared for opportunity when it comes.”- anonymous



Rita reminded everyone to renew their membership by October.

The guild needs a volunteer for the position of Vice President.

A volunteer is also needed for the position of recording secretary since Anne King volunteered for the Ways and Means committee.

Linda Wright brought in lots of fabric from a former quilter and offered it to members. She may be bringing more to future meetings.


Committee announcements:


Challenge quilts: Ann Clinton announced that the challenge quilts are due at the October meeting. The theme is “30” since the guild is 30 years old this year. There will be prizes for categories such as wall-hanging, bed size, and other quilted item.


Retreat: Patsy Hartnett was absent so Rita was collecting any money for the retreat being held on November 20-22. It is first come, first serve. If interested, please contact Patsy.


Show and Tell was held. Numerous projects were shown by our talented members including baby quilts, a UFO jacket, a backpack, and bed quilts.


Programs: Cheryl Dawson announced that members have made at least 50 pillowcases to donate to charity as well as numerous “kiddie” quilts. Representatives from the groups are to be at the October meeting to receive the donations. She extended a thank you to Pat Matthews and the barn crew, Carol Paul, Barb Colvin, and all the others who worked so hard on this project. If anyone is still working on any of the projects, please bring them to the October meeting.

Cheryl announced that if anyone is interested in working on their ideas for an “art quilt” (which she demonstrated last year) they are to please see her and maybe those interested could gather prior to a meeting(s) to work on ideas.


Program: The program for the evening was a display of all the UFO quilts/ projects that members contracted to complete. There were 17 participants and at least 31 projects were completed out of 67 that were contracted for completion. Prizes were awarded in categories:

Oldest UFO completed: Barb Colvin (1993)

Largest completed UFO: Cindy Hodge

Project with Most pieces : Anne King

Highest % of finished UFO’s: Barb Colvin

All participants were awarded for their efforts and bills were handed out for any unfinished UFO’s.

Members then looked at the display of the finished projects.

Meeting was adjourned after the program.


Respectfully submitted ,

Anne King, recording secretary

YQG Trivia

In October 1989 we continued the tradition of giving a fabric shower to our retiring president.

That president was Bobbe Bevin. The suggestion was for country fabric and a signature block.

We were to bring a 6” muslin block with our signature on it. Bobbe had mentioned she wanted to do a signature quilt. I wonder if it is finished or still a UFO?

Barbara Colvin

Sunshine and Shadows

Alison-Cowan-Sunshine-and-Shadows-1852857If a fellow quilter is ill, has surgery, a birth or death in the family, or could just use a note of cheer, please let me know.  You can reach me at LSWri@aol.com  or 717-428-2893  Thank you.

In September a Thinking of You card was sent to Doris Heigl after her surgery.

Linda Wright


Thursday, October 15, 2016

     This year the York Quilters’ Guild will be opening its new program year with a celebrating its 30th year anniversary.


Rita Van Wyk-Due will be continuing her walk down her Walk Down Memory Lane followed by the Changing of the Guard.

The new president elect Sarah O’Sullivan will present her new board of officers and new committee chairpersons.


Lisa Blyth, 2016 quilt show chairperson will update the membership on the status of the guild’s 2016 quilt show.


Cheryl Dawson, will be making a special presentation of pillow cases and quilts to the Conker Cancer Organization.


The education portion of the meeting will be conducted by Anne Clinton.  Members will be unveiling their 2015 challenge quilts and/or other quilted items.  Anne Clinton entitled the 2015 guild challenge  “30”

anything goes


It had no rules which opened it to the unlimited creativity of the York Quilters Guild’s members.


Light refreshments will be available

Quilt Retreat

Ladies it is time again for Fall Retreat.  This year it is November 20, 21, and 22 that is the weekend before Thanksgiving.  Everyone is welcome and single rooms are first come first served.  I will need a check for the full amount to hold the room.


Retreat is three days of quilting and friends.  We have a large room with plenty of space for everyone.  Each person has their own 8 foot table and a chair.  You will need to bring anything else you need for sewing.  Extension cords, pillows for your chair, everything for the sewing machine and lights.  Some ladies bring a favorite chair etc. We set the temperature in the room at 72 so if you like it warmer bring a sweater and if you like it cooler bring a fan.  If you like music please bring headphones.  Wi-Fi is available and an ice machine is located right outside of our classroom.   If you have any questions please just contact me and I will be happy to talk to you about the needs.

Our rooms are nice and located in 2 main areas this time.


  • We have 10 single rooms at 186.00 for the weekend,
  • we have 3 large rooms that will take 2 or 3 ladies in the main building for 160.00 each.
  • we have 8  four-plex rooms that have a queen and 3 bunk beds in each room.  They are located next to the dining area and are only 125.00 for each person and they need 2 people or more for that price.

Several years ago I stayed in the four-plex rooms and they were nice with  4 apartments opened to a main hallway.


The room price includes 3 meals on Saturday and 2 meals on Sunday.  Food for Friday is your choice.  You can pack your food, there is a refrigerator and a microwave available.  Or you could go out to eat.  Carlisle has a large number of places to eat and several groups go out to eat.


Our Conference center is:

Bongiorno Conference Center

430 Union Hall Road

Carlisle, PA 17013


My contact information is:


or 717 334-0795


Hope to see you there.

Patsy Hartnett

Help Wanted

Kristina Muskett is looking for someone to do some simple embroidery on a couple pieces of cloth for her. Please contact her if you a interested in this small job.
Kristina Muskett
 My mother-in-law who lives in York needs some help.  She was working on quilts and doing them by hand.  She has not worked on them for a few years and the lady that was helping her has passed away.  I am looking for someone who might be able to help get her going so she can complete the two quilts that she needs to complete. Please let me know so I can let her know who to contact in York.  She lives on Sherman Street.  I know this is a strange request but please let me know if you can help.  Thanks.

Community Events

ColorBurst –  October 9 & 10, 2015.  Presented by the Keystone Quilters Guild at Quakertown Christian School, 50 E. Paletown Road, Quakertown, PA  .  Fri 10 AM to 6 PM, Sat 10 AM to 5 PM.   Admission:  1-Day $7; 2-Day $10.   Website:  www.keystonequilters.org

  • Meeting Date/Time
  • 3rd Thursday, 7pm
  • Zion United Methodist Church
  • 1030 Carlisle Ave, York, PA

  • Web Page Member Password
  • Members can send email to yorkquiltersguild@gmail.com

Guild Officers

  • President
    • Joanne Hammen
  • Vice President
    • Donna Sheffer
  • President Ex Officio
    • Margaret "Peg" Gregory
  • Recording Secretary
    • Dawn Gerber
  • Board Secretary
    • Sandra Yingling
  • Guild Treasurer
    • Mary F Moul
  • Programs (second year)
    • Judith Stoltz
    • Betsy Hoffer
  • Programs (first year)
    • Judith Stoltz
    • Joanne Hammen
  • Publicity/Public Relations
    • Joy Rusonis
  • Historian/Photographer
  • Hospitality
    • Deb Wilhide
  • Ways and Means
    • Ginny Lehr
  • Service Projects
    • Susan Kappes
  • Website/Newsletter Editor
    • Joy Rusonis
  • Quilt Show
    • Darlene Schardt
  • Membership
    • Cheryl Dawson
  • Guild Challenge
    • Susan Kappes
  • Community Education
  • Retreat Coordinator
    • Patsy Hartnett
  • Sunshine Lady
    • Cindy Hodge
  • Parliamentarian
    • Patsy Hartnett
  • Show Treasurer

Treasurer's Reports

Main Checking Account: $4,237.17
Show Checking Account: $6,872.38
TOTAL: $11,109.55

Linda Wright 07
Marilyn M. Owens 17
Barbara Dombrowsky 19
Janet M. Fitch 21
Paula Shamoian 25
Annette Ehly 28
Rosemarie Wittig 30