November 2013 Newsletter

President's Message


Hello Ladies,

Wasn’t last months program just great ?! I was lucky enough to take BJ Titus workshop the next day and thoroughly enjoyed it  learning a few new tricks. As cold weather approaches I bet many of you are just quilting, knitting and crocheting  away. Please have it in your hearts to sew some burp pads, pillowcases or small baby size quilts for York Hospital Pediatrics. There will be a container at the end of the sign-in table to put them in. I would love to make a generous donation to them for the babies and toddlers. Jim Mummert,  from Habitat for Humanity, emailed us about their raffle of our service project we donated to them. They raised $1000 for the large quilt and 1 wall hanging. The other 2 wall hangings will be given to the new home owners at 403 & 405 S.Albemarle St. in York. They are truly appreciative of our gifts. Great job ladies ! PLEASE NOTE :  In case of bad weather please check the WGAL website about our cancellation. Due to so many organization listings they will not mention it on TV.   Hopefully we will not have to use it, but a  chill is in the air already.  If you aren’t sure about a cancellation and  there is snow falling, “stay home “ . Looking forward to seeing you all at the November meeting. Cheryl


York Quilters Guild Meeting Minutes

October 17, 2013

7:00 pm


Judy Sorensen called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.  She said she enjoyed being President and that she met a lot of wonderful people during her tenure.  Judy thanked everyone for letting her be President. The outgoing officers were called to the front and congratulated on a job well done.  Judy presented each one with a gift.  She then turned the gavel over to the new President, Cheryl Tassinari.  Cheryl presented a gift to Judy from the Guild (a gift certificate to The Mannings). Cheryl gave some background information about herself, then spoke about her vision for the coming year.  Beginning next month, there will be a container on the back table for pillow cases or lap quilts.  Also, York Hospital needs burp pads, little gifts for toddlers, tiny quilts, etc.  Cheryl would like several members to go to the Hospital to present the handmade items that are donated. A Junior Quilt Guild is being formed.  Basic skills will be taught so the members can make items for themselves, as well as for a service project. The church is open at 6:00 pm on guild nights.  Anyone who wants to come and have a sit and sew before the guild meetings is welcome to do so.  Snacks are allowed, but no red drinks are permitted in the church.  All garbage must be taken along after the guild meetings. Cheryl asked that anyone who has suggestions for the guild should please email her. One new member and 2 guests were introduced. Committee Announcements – The coverlet documentation was canceled due to lack of interest. .Other Announcements – The new officers and committee members were introduced.   The quilters in “The Barn” made 112 quilts this year and won 1st place in Virginia.   Show and Tell – Several quilts were shown.   Following show and tell, the basket raffle was held.   Program – Evelyn Hunt introduced T.J. Titus, a nationally known, award winning quilter, who spoke about her experiences as a quilter and displayed many of her quilts.   Respectfully submitted, Carol Plitt Recording Secretary

Sunshine and Shadows

Our new Sunshine and Shadows person is Linda Wright.  Her email address is and her phone number is (717) 428-2893.  If a fellow quilter is ill, has surgery, a birth or death in the family, or could just use a note of cheer, please let her know.

Membership Directory

The new 2013-14 Membership Directories will be available to pick up at the next Guild meeting on November 21, 2013.  Judy Stoltz, Membership Chair,  will be at the welcome table and have them to distribute.

If there are any corrections or additions, please let me know.  I’m in the directory!

Judy Sorensen

YQG Trivia


More interesting facts from the “Guess Who”Articles

Deceased member Marion Dravk made crocheted hats for the needy for 10 years. (Note: Her hat instructions were put in the June 1998 newsletter.)

Former Member, Phyllis Nelson,  has quilted items in homes in Italy, Japan, Spain and Sweden.

And I drove a tractor trailer a few times when my husband was on the road in the 80’s.

Barbara Colvin

Ways & Means

We are so appreciative of all the fantastic donations we continue to receive.  The sewing supplies, books, and fabrics are perfect for our future raffle baskets.  Thanks again!

ways and means nov

 The theme for November’s Raffle Basket is

 “Reds & Greens and Holiday themed” fabrics.

Next month’s theme:  Snow, Black/White fabrics, Contemporary fabrics.

Our Guild has increased our projected budget for the year; we need to entice more of you to generously donate. Your donations are used to underwrite our topnotch programming as well as providing for our many charities & nonprofit activities. Please check out our fantastic raffle baskets when you sign in.

**The prices for the raffle tickets has changed to reflect the high quality of items offered each month.  From now on, the price of one chance to win is $5.00 and three chances  will cost you $10.00. 

Each basket is full of tools, fabrics, books, and patterns EVERY month!! Plus you get to keep the basket.  A nice gift for yourself or someone you care for!




Other suggested items to donate may include, but are not limited to:

sewing notions, books, patterns, baskets, candles, candies, gift cards, etc.


Program for November 21

Becky enney

The Good Enough Quilter

While it is always good to strive for excellence, Becky believes that perfect’ is unattainable.  Therefore, she does not spend her time trying to reach ‘perfection’.   She happen to think that ‘good enough’ is just fine!   “Good enough” does not mean mediocrity; it is finding just the right place in between perfection and mediocrity.  That placed she calls “good enough” and in that place she love to quilt!

She sometimes makes really dense quilts with lots of conflicting patterns and colors.  You may find yourself saying “My eyes don’t know where to go,” when you look at them.  That is  okay!  You may discover you like busy.  Becky has discovered the art of cramming in as much as possible. And still has simple quilts also with lots and lots of scraps!

Her trunk show will inspire you to find your style and work at completing your UFO’s. She is  looking forward to sharing “good enough” quilt  it with you!



a.k.a. quilt history as we know it
QSI, as you know, usually meets at the Trust each month on the second Thursday.  Well, please do not show up there in November or December or you will miss us. 
One of the things we do best is celebrate, party, and eat.  We also enjoy field trips and visiting.  These are our plans for November and December.
November is a special field trip to Lancaster to visit with author, collector, and all around textile expert, Trish Herr.  Her collection of quilts, pillowcases and PA German textiles is renown.  It is quite an opportunity to see her museum quality pieces up close and personal.  We will turn it into a covered dish luncheon first, gawk second.
Connie Holland’s house on the Gettysburg Battlefield is a visual delight anytime of year, but the holidays bring a special beauty,  a spirit of friendship, and excellent food.  Our usual Show and Tell will be the focus.
So, two months away from the Trust, I suppose our project will wait.  It is such fun unrolling the muslin never knowing quite what lies underneath.  We covered (or do I mean “uncovered”? groan) two centuries last month because we came upon our fund raiser quilt for the York County Quilt Documentation.  What memories that brought forth!  Remember signing the blocks for $1 a rod in a pineapple block?!  Families filled up a whole block.  It funded our project.
This month’s “I didn’t know that!” tidbit comes from Sue Reich, quilt history expert from CT.  She came across an article from 1912 referencing a quilting machine.  
         Plaindealer, Topeka KS, August 16, 1912, page 2
The C.M.E. ladies of the sewing circle pieced a quilt and sent it to Wichita to a gentleman who has a quilting machine, who did the quilting free. The quilt was beautiful and to dispose of it the circle selected the following ladies to enter a contest to see who could raise the largest amount to receive the quilt.
It goes on to list names and donation amounts.
If you have an interest in attending our group, please call me at 840-1443.
In testimony to our friendship,
Joan Hamme

Youth Quilting Club

Just before the October YQG meeting, the Youth Quilting Club held its first meeting.  We were asked to explore ways to encourage the younger generation to enjoy and appreciate the art of quilting, since so many schools no longer offer Home Ec. Members of the Committee are –Katie Anthony, Pat Matthews, Ruth Anne Hallman and her Mom,  Cindy Hodge,  Dawn Gerber and myself Nancy Mott, Chairman.  New President Cheryl Tassinari sat in with us. Under consideration were – offering youth membership in our Guild,  youth categories with ribbons in our Quilt Show, community service projects,  sewing classes and forming a sewing club. No votes were taken, but the committee would like to offer a beginning project , such as pillowcases, in December at Pat Matthews barn, when students have  school vacation.  Mentors would be needed for students in the classroom setting to sit with them during construction. It is hoped that Guild members would be willing to be some of the Mentors.   Discussion will continue in November on the details of implementation.  Know someone age 10 -17 years old who would like to learn to sew and/or quilt?  Let us know. ( The committee hopes to work with the Education chairperson and Community Service person to explore further opportunities for youth in the area.

Other Quilt Show News


11th Annual Eastern Pennsylvania Shop Hop

November 2-16

Complete information can be found at:

Lebanon Quilters Guild Quilt Show

Friday, November 22 – noon to 8:00 p.m.

Saturday, November 23 – 10:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m.

Sunday, November 24 – 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Lebanon Expo Center, 80 Rocherty, Lebanon, PA 17042

Admission is $6.00  Use the following link to get $1.00 off


Thank You

Thank you to the YQG for the lovely departing gift.  I love the coffee mug that was filled with fat quarters and I’m looking forward to “spending” the gift certificate at The Mannings. Judy Sorensen

A Note to Rita

Hi Rita,
I wanted to let you know that my exhibit of art quilts, “Sue Reno — Recent Fiber Works”, is opening in York, PA, this coming Friday, November 1st, with a reception from 5:30 – 9:00. I’ll also be giving an Artist Talk on Saturday, November 9th at 11:00 a.m.

The exhibit runs through December 3rd. Details are on my blog:

Please pass this along to your guild members and anyone who might be interested. Thanks very much!
best regards,

News from Kathleen

A is for Appliqué:  Due date for entries to Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show has been changed to December 16, 2013.  Download an application from www.baltimoreappliqué.com and send pictures of your quilt to Margo Cramer.Quilters’ Quest:  November 8th -17th
Sponsor:  Patches Quilter and Sewing at Mt. Airy
Ten shops will be participating, including Seminole Sampler, Capital Quilts, and Patches Quilter and Sewing.  During the quest the shops will be open 9:30 – 6 p.m. every day except Sunday with hours from 12 – 5 p.m.
Contact Jackie 301 831 0366 PatchesQuilting@gmail.comQuilting Hub: a website where you can find activities and times of guilds’ meetings, maps of shops, maps of shops that are along a trip you may be taking, quilting events, speakers, and many other incidental facts that may be of interest to quilters.November 9, 2013, Beginners’ Appliqué Class:  From 1 p.m. – 4 p.m. at Howard County Center for the Arts.  Contact to find out if there is space for class members..

Raffle Quilt, Lady of Victory:  We need you to help raise $3000 this year for our raffle quilt.  Contact Margo Cramer at to volunteer your time to sell raffle tickets.

Remember our There you can order 3 different quilt patterns during our anniversary sale at 50% off original price.  You can pay by PayPal and pay the same shipping price for one or more patterns.
Also find our list of meetings and speakers for the entire year and our current activities.

Keep the Date:  April 5 – 13, 2014, Judy Grow of Flemington, NJ, antique quilt collector, lecturer, and historian invites you:  In conjunction with the 300th Anniversary of Hunterdon County, NJ, a 9-day exhibit of mostly 19th century quilts from Hunterdon County. The exhibition will be at the Route 12 County Buildings outside of Flemington.  There will be at least 40 quilts from 4 or more Historic Societies and private collections.  A great number are Signature quilts, and genealogy gurus are busy tracking down the people on the quilts.  All that information will be available to those interested.
In addition there will be a 58 page full-color catalog printed and available for a nominal fee. Entrance to the exhibition is free. There will also be a full day seminar on Saturday 4/12/14.  Presenters will be Newbie Richardson, Karen Dever, Sue Reich and Dana Balsamo.

October 6-24, 2014, a quilting cruise with Paula Golden
Teacher of the Year
The Professional Quilter Magazine
2095 Plank Drive
Blacksburg, VA 24060
The cruise leaves from Baltimore, Maryland.
It will travel off the coast of New England and includes a guided bus trip from Portland, ME to Lowell, MA with a behind the scenes tour of the New England Quilt Museum by curator, Pamela Weeks   The on-board quilt class will be a hand appliqué scene of a lighthouse, harbor and sailboat similar to the two quilts attached.  Mickey Lawler will hand paint the background sky fabric for the piece just for members of the cruise.
The cruise will dock in Halifax, Nova Scotia where Canadian art quilter, Laurie Swim, will present a lecture and half-day workshop.  Kit fees are included.
To register:
“Set Sail with Paula Golden!”

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Treasurer's Reports

As of November 1, 2013
Main Account $ 5,857.44
Show Account $ 8,281.35
Total Funds $14,138.79

Happy December Birthdays!

Deanna Hunt 4
Hazel Wood 4
Kathy Bartram 6
Carol Plitt 10
Gloria Moyer 10
Lila Metzel 13
Donna Welty 19
Barbara Colvin 20
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