June 2016

President's Letter

Greetings all,

Do you all feel like celebrating? Our 2016 Celebration of Quilts was exactly that: a beautiful venue, filled with amazing quilts, enthusiastic quilters from our guild and far beyond, celebrating the common thread that unites us all.

Congratulations to all our winners; to all our exhibitors; to all our hardworking volunteers; to Barb Wilke and Hazel Wood, our featured quilters; and most of all to our show chair, Lisa Blyth, who put all the pieces together.

As I walked the floor at our show, my heart was so full. I am inexpressibly proud to be a part of the group that made such an exhibition, such a cultural EVENT, happen. The traditions of the past, the enthusiasms of the present, and the promise of the future of quilting were on display. Yet more importantly, the energy palpable in that room can continue onward. The 2016 show may be over, but its spirit is alive in all of us.

Alive — and quilting.

See you at the meeting!
Sarah O’Sullivan

The August board meeting will be held Thursday, August 4, 2016 at 6:30 pm at JoAnn Fabrics on South Queen Street in York. All interested members are welcome to attend.

Quilt Show News

Quilt Show News
From the 2016 Show Committee:

Thanks to all of you who volunteered your time and talents to help our show to be successful, again.

It was exciting to plan and execute our guild’s 15thh Quilt Show.
We were very pleased with how our many detail changes and updates were well-received by show participants, viewers, and our guild members at large.

Our new venue at York College of Pennsylvania was simply wonderful – lots of room for our 220 judged and 55 displayed quilts that were registered.
We are so appreciative of our featured quilters Barb Wilke & Hazel Wood and their stunning exhibit of over 30 quilts. Many folks were surprised by their body of work created and completed over these passing years.

Our new arrangement for displaying the quilts was also positively mentioned often by viewers during the show. We heard many comments that everyone really enjoyed the “Winners’ Circle” of beribboned works.
The judging process was long with that amount of quilts, but we were able to give recognition to many folks who had entered their quilts. Congratulations to those who earned a ribbon – it was an amazing sight to witness after all of our work up to that moment. Please make sure you congratulate the many ribbon winners in our guild who worked so hard to deserve this honor!!

Our fresh floral arrangements created by The Garden Club of York were beautiful, decorative, and individualized accents hidden amongst the surrounding quilts. Many thanks for their support of our show.

We would like to thank the many, many guild members who worked alongside our committee members in helping to make this show special. You really outdid yourselves with getting so many quilts registered, hung, and later taken down, organized, and handed back to their correct owners; tables set-up and broken-down; signs posted, scribing, pipe & drape assembled and taken down; helping at the consignment boutique, donation drawing, front table, white gloving, and raffle table; sewing and helping others to sew at the community service tables; and attending, presenting, and aiding us during the all-day demonstrations. It was overwhelming to see so many doing so much to make our guild shine.

Also great thanks to those of you who registered your lovely quilts – without your amazing entries; we would not have had a reason for our show!!

For the first time at our show, interesting and fun workshops for all levels of quilters were offered over the two days of the show. We thank all our guild member instructors along with Karen Kay Buckley for teaching these eight instructional workshops. Thanks to all of you who signed up and attended workshops as well. Comments from our post-class evaluations were very positive for all the workshops, so we are looking to continue to offer these in the future.

Our eleven demonstrations were well attended, diverse, and informative. Thank you for being part of the audience and/or teaching one of the demos.

In case you did not stay long enough on Saturday, the winners of our two raffle quilts were:

Turquoise Treasure won by Ann Baugher of Glenville, PA.
The Seasons on Pomegranate Lane won by Julie Lucia of Wrightsville, PA.

Both winners were very appreciative to receive these beautiful quilts that were created by our guild. Thanks to all of you who helped us by sewing quilt blocks, appliquéing wool blocks, selling tickets, or purchasing raffle tickets.

Viewers’ Choice Ribbon was awarded to The Fiddler by Sue Royer of York.

Our finances are still being worked out at this time, but most of our large bills have been paid and our donation drawing, consignment, raffle ticket, and quilt registration proceeds were quite robust. We will keep you posted on this.

Now it is time to think forward to our Celebration of Quilts 2018, which will be another fantastic show, chaired by Darla Landis. We will soon begin some preliminary planning for that show and YOU are invited to participate on any of our committees!! Just mention your interest to anyone currently serving on the committee or to our President Sarah O’Sullivan.

As the paperwork, supplies, and bills finally go back into safekeeping after so much commotion these past weeks, I am reminded of a saying from my youth “Grow where you are planted.” Our show had almost found itself upon rocky ground two years ago when searching for a new committee to beckon it forward. I hope you all have some small sense of the awe our committee experienced from shaking off the show of our yesteryears and planting its roots into new soil while counting on the gifts of sunshine and rain. Our show has again bloomed far beyond expectations with the gentle, constant sunshine and rain from our family of quilters. Much appreciation goes to all of you doing all those things you have done to help.

Lisa Blyth for the Celebration of Quilts 2016 Show Committee:
Darla Landis, Judy Stoltz, Donna Sheffer, Judy Deveney, Paula Shamoian, Cindy Hodge, Ginny Lehr, Anne King, Cheryl Dawson, Pat Matthews, Joy Rusonis, Darlene Schardt, Evelyn Hunt, Jill Coleman, Sarah O’Sullivan, and Jutta Creager

Our Celebration of Quilts:30 Years and Beyond quilt show was a BIG success! I don’t know the particulars about the money we made or how many people attended yet but, the new venue was well received, the displayed quilts were plentiful and beautiful, students and teachers alike enjoyed the workshops offered and, it seems that everyone was excited about the show in general. If you missed it, I’m sure you’ll hear about how awesome it was from those who did attend. Ok, I’ll say it, it was AWESOME!

CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners and thank you to all who entered a quilt(s). Without the quilts, we’d have no show! THANK YOU to everyone who helped to make this year’s show a huge success. An endeavour such as this is definitely a group effort and everyone’s help, whether large or small, is very much appreciated. A guild who works together is capable of great things. Working side by side helps us to get to know fellow guild members and to forge new friendships or strengthen existing ones. Members with more experience offer advice while newer members supply fresh ideas. The key is putting heads together and making the magic happen. Coordinating all of our efforts and more, Lisa Blyth, worked tirelessly and endlessly to make sure we covered every detail necessary to ensure a successful show. My hat, and yours as well, should go off to Lisa. She did a fantastic job as our fearless leader. THANK YOU, LISA!

Our 2016 show is behind us now. We have 2 years to plan our next great event. So much of the leg work has already been done with the 2016 committee keeping records of procedures followed, and a post show meeting will determine what tweaks to make to make the next show even better. As the monetary and attendance results of the show are tabulated, please consider getting involved in the planning of our 2018 show. In the meantime, let’s CELEBRATE our success with this show! WAY TO GO York Quilters Guild!!

Respectfully submitted by Cindy Hodge

20160521_162553_resized_1YQG 2016 show entering display with winners in back

From Judy Deveney


I would like to thank all of the ladies that volunteered to help me with the Judging committee. I couldn’t have done it with out you.
Congrats to the show committee for a great job and a wonderful show.YQG Show 2016 Rita's Sourdough Demo20160519_200046_resized

Thanks to Cheryl Dawson, and Cindy Hodge for photos from the “Celebration of Quilts”.

Update for Jane Frenke

The Friday 17, 2016 of this work shop is full; however, due to additional interest in this class it is will also be held again on Saturday June l8, 2016, in lieu of the “In the Jungle” workshop.

jane frenke 1

If you are interested in the Saturday workshop, please contact Evelyn Hunt at Jordon291@juno.com.
Dancing Log Cabins Workshop

Join Jane to learn her technique for Dancing Log Cabins (an interesting class in breaking the rules). Taking her basic technique, each student will end up with blocks that are completely individual. No cookie-cutter blocks here!
Workshop fee $45 members/$50 non-members. There is an additional pattern fee of $8.00. Pattern should be purchased from Evelyn prior to the class.
Both workshops and the lecture will be held at Zion Methodist Church located at 1030 Carlisle Rd in York, Pennsylvania. The workshops will start at 9:30 a.m. on both Friday and Saturday and the Thursday “What If” lecture meeting will start at 7:00 p.m.

Thursday June 16 2016

Jane Frenke

What If . . .
Jane Frenke, from Berkeley Springs, WV, is a weaver, quilter, and teacher with a passion for fabric dyeing. She’ll join us at our June meeting for a trunk show and lecture called “What If…”

What if I make a mistake? What if something you start doesn’t turn out like you thought it would? What if you don’t like something after you’ve put some time in on it? Mistakes happen, and it’s okay to make them. It’s what you do with your mistakes that matters.

Upcoming Programs

Wednesday July 20, 2016batil
Batik Adventure

This evening we will travel through Indonsia with Judy Gula. Her presentation includes computer side show which will includes photos of Indonesia culture and the many batik processes. We will learn how Indonesia fabric are created, including beautiful hand-drawn batik panels, batik fabric yeardage, and sarongs. At the conclusion of the sideshow we will have a variety of batik fabrics and other Indonesida textiles to see and handle. A mini trunk show af art quilts that have been created with wonderful bakik and panels will also be inclued.

Nancy Bills5

Thursday August 18, 2016
Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
Nancy will be sharing some of her quilts and things she has learned along the way. In this presentation, she will talk about her quilting interests and how they have evolved. The trunk show will consists of more than 35 quilts, both antique and her own full size, and some miniature. In addition to talking about her quilts, she will include tips for construction, quilt assembly, and design.

Gyleen Fitzgeraldgyleen

September 15, 2016
Make Mine with Scraps!
Gyleen’s lecture focus on traditional utility quilts. Use up, cut up or recycle what you have on hand to make stunning quilts. You will learn to harmonize exchange and friendship blocks or clear your clutter.
Extra Extra!
There will be a workshop on Saturday, September 24th. Gyleen will be releasing one or two new books and no telling what else prior to her visit; therefore, the title of the workshop will be determine at a later date.

If any consignes have checked the articles that were returned to them to see if they do have a different number on them please bring to the meeting. I will then give them to the correct person. Ginny Lehr

Quilt Challenge

The challenge is to create a quilt by interpreting a title of a book you have read. The book could be any type – children, cookbook, novel, car manual, etc. Use your creativity.
The challenge will be due at the Oct 2016 meeting.
Please bring the book, a picture of the book or at least the title of the book on a piece of paper to the October meeting so we can display your inspiration with your quilt.
Your quilt should be at least 20 inches on each size.
We will award prizes to the top three quilts selected by guild members.

Sunshine and Shadows

Sunshine & Shadows
If a fellow quilter is ill, has surgery, a birth or death in the family, or could just use a note of cheer, please let me know. You can reach me at LSWri@comcast.net or 717-428-2893. Thank you.

Story Quilt Artist

Free Talk by Tina Williams Brewer

Story Quilt Artist

Tina Williams Brewer, a renowned story quilt artist from Pittsburgh, will speak at the June Third in the Burg event about four of her works, currently on display at the Pennsylvania Governor’s Residence.

Talk begins @ 6 p.m. on 6/17/2016 Pennsylvania Governor’s Residence
2035 N. Front Street, Harrisburg, PA 17102

Questions? Call 717.525.5549

Free admission. No registration required.


Monday July 4th All Day UFO

Epiphany Lutheran Church
1100 Colonial Rd
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
10:00 a.m. until when the last person goes leaves
Cost: $10.00

Please RSVP Evelyn at Jordon291@juno.com by June 24th.

Other UFOs have been scheduled for the following Fridays
June 24, 2016,
July 1, 2015
July 8, 2016
July 29, 2016

These UFOs start at 4:30 p.m. and ends when the last person leaves. The cost is $5.00.

YQG Trivia

Congratulations to our great show committee! The show was wonderful! Loved the venue.
However, it is not the first time we were at York Collage.
On June 27-28, 1992, we held our show at the collage in their Student Center Building.
Cindy Martin was Show Chairman and Linda Carroll, Assistant Chairman.
Judges were, Karen Kay Buckley, Marge Coffey, and Kitty Rose Zackey.
Best of Show was won by Eleanor Eckman for a appliqued quilt.
179 quilted items were exhibited.
The only mishap of the show was when Carol Blevins stumbled and broke her ankle.
She had to “enjoy” the show in a wheelchair and cast.

Barbara Colvin

Regional Events

July 2-10: Kutztown Folk Festival – Celebration of Pennsylvania Dutch Culture

Kutztown Fairgrounds, 225 N Whiteoak St, Kutztown, PA 19530

July 12: Pat Sloane “Wild & Free” Workshop

Goodwill Fire Company, 552 E Union Street West Chester, PA 19380
Information on BVQ Website: http://www.brandywinevalleyquilters.org/

July 15-16: 12th Annual Quilt Show

1st United Methodist Church, 602 So. Market St., Muncy, PA 17756 www.muncyhistoricalsociety.org

July 21-24: Quilt Odyssey

Hershey Lodge & Convention Center

Hershey, PA


July 21-30: Delaware State Fair Quilt Exhibit

18500So. DuPont Hwy., Harrington, DE 19952



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Treasurer's Reports

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Show 23482.00
total 25278.00

Sarah O Sullivan 4
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MaryEllen Wical 26
Marie Bachman 29
Barbara Bahn 30