July 2015 Newsletter

President'sMessage - Rain

Rita_Van_Wyk-DueLet the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby.

Langston Hughes


And when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow.
Gilbert K. Chesterton


Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.

Rabindranath Tagore

My dear quilting friends, so far we’ve been having a somewhat dreary and rainy summer.  I’m enjoying what I can of the few sunny days, and also spending a lot of time working on my challenge quilt.  Big fun.


    I’m very excited about our program this month.  I admire Barbara Wilke’s work and I respect her as a very gifted artist.  As I am crazy mad about colour, her topic, working with the colour wheel, truly appeals to me.  Another thing I’m excited about, is attending a workshop at MAQ to learn to paint on fabric;  I’ll be learning to paint a bird.  Rockin’ Robin.  Then there’s the Hershey Show later in July; always fun to attend.


    Those of you who attended the Guild meeting in June, might recall I mentioned some interesting facts about quilters who said yes when asked to serve as president. Here’s that list again, following the list of the 12 names, alphabetized by first name. 



        12 of our awesome guild presidents


  1.      Barbara Colvin
  2.  Bobbe Benvin
  3.          Cheryl Tassinari
  4.     Eileen Shrey
  5.         Janet Chinault
  6.         Joan Hamme
  7.         Jutta Creager
  8.          Linda Smith
  9.          Patsy Hartnett
  10.         Phyllis Nelson
  11.      Rita VanWyk-Due
  12.          Sarah O’Sullivan


Presidential Fame and Infamy

a)   She owns several railcars and has traveled through Canada and the States on the rails.

b)    Her great-great grandfather was appointed medical advisor to Queen Victoria and was knighted.

c)    Quilted items made by her are displayed in homes in Italy, Japan, Spain and Sweden. Also, her name appeared on the AP news wire services because she testified before the Federal Atomic Safety and Licensing Board opposing the reopening of the damaged reactor at Three Mile Island.

d)     She had her picture in Life and Newsweek.

e)    She was an ambulance driver, and her donated quilts have raised $20,000.

f)     She had a successful career as a professional Mid-Eastern Ethnic dancer. g)    She is a member of Titanic International has a quilted wall hanging at the bottom of the ocean.

h)    She has a huge collection of 45 RPM vinyl records, and at one point owned 4 jukeboxes.

i)     She has a lifetime driver’s permit for the island of Rarotonga.

j)      She concealed a human skull in a Longaberger basket on public transportation.

k)     She auditioned for Ted Mack’s Amateur Hour

l)      She was a tractor trailer driver.


   If you like a puzzle and feel like competing for the (modest) prize, see if you can match up the events/facts with the names.  Write your name on a piece of paper, match the numbers and letters, and submit at the July meeting.  Do it at the meeting if you prefer.  I’m looking forward to seeing how many get all 12 matched up correctly! 

    Meanwhile, keep quilting, and learn to dance in the rain.   

                                               Happily, Rita VanWyk-Due

Secretary's Report

secretaryThe meeting was called to order by Rita VanWyk-Due, President at 7pm.  Rita welcomed everyone and opened the meeting with a quote of the day:


Do not look for signs.

Do not look for experiences.

Do not be so complicated.

Become like a child.

See everything with awe.                –Robert Merrihew Adams


Committee announcements:


Membership: There were no new guests or new members at the meeting.


Programs:  Cheryl Dawson organized a “sewing day” for the June 18, 2015 meeting. Members brought in sewing machines, cutting equipment, ironing boards, etc. and completed tops, quilts, and pillowcases between 10am and 9pm with a “pot-luck” dinner at 6pm. Sewing stopped around 7 pm for the monthly meeting and continued afterwards.


Cheryl also noted that members have until the end of August to finalize their UFO contract projects. The very latest date to let her know about completed projects is the week prior to the September meeting so she has time to tally up the winners. UFO projects will be displayed at the September meeting.


“Walk Down Memory Lane”:  Rita spoke about the role of the Guild President. The guild president responds to mail for the guild, takes the lead to “set the tone” of the year, and leads the board and monthly meetings, among other tasks. This led to Rita’s list of the uniqueness of past presidents. She read some interesting facts about 12 past presidents but did not tell us who they were.  This may come in the form of a game at a later date. She also noted that over the 30 years, two members were president more than one time:  Carol Blevins – 3times and Judy Deveney- 2 times.


Show Committee:  Lisa Blythe explained that we would like to sell raffle tickets for our 2 show quilts at the Hershey Quilt Odyssey show but the rules have changed on the small games of chance. We may not have enough time to gather all the needed information, application, etc. to sell them at Hershey, however, volunteers are being recruited to man a table at the show anyway in order to promote our 2016 Quilt Show even if we can’t sell tickets.  Please see Paula Shamoian to sign up for a 2 hour time slot.


Show and Tell: Numerous quilts were shown by our talented members. We were also shown some of the completed charity quilts from the April meeting.


Challenge Quilts: Ann Clinton sent a message via Rita to remind everyone that the challenge quilt is due at the October meeting.


Rita asked the membership if there is interest in doing a mystery quilt again- along with the quilt challenge during the year. The response was positive so Rita will look into starting this activity again.


Also mentioned was that the new deadline date for the newsletter articles will now be the first of the month in order that Darla will have sufficient time to put it together and have it mailed to those members receiving it by mail.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 pm and the members sewing went back to work.


Respectfully submitted ,

Anne King, recording secretary


Using the Color Wheel in Quilting with Barb Wilke

Thursday, July 16, 2015,


Our own Barb Wilke, who was a finalist in the 2012 McCall’ Next Design Star contest, teaches art at Central High School. She says “Inspiration comes from everything around me. Nature, Abstract Art and photographs are all major sources for my work.” Her designs are accepted into juried shows and she likes to say that she blurs the line between craft and art with her quilts. We think you’ll agree as she takes the stage to give us some clues on how she uses color so effectively in her work.

YQG Trivia

March 1997 the meeting hosted a UFO night. We were encouraged to come and work on those projects that needed finishing.

We could do hand or machine work in the company of our quilting buddies.

I am not sure if I had many UFO in 1997 but they have multiplied since then.

Guess that is why I jumped at the current UFO challenge.


Barbara Colvin

Sunshine and Shadows

sunraysIf a fellow quilter is ill, has surgery, a birth or death in the family, or could just use a note of cheer, please let me know.  You can reach me at LSWri@aol.com  or 717-428-2893  Thank you.

Nothing to report for the month of June.

Linda Wright

Challenge Reminder

The “Thirty” challenge is coming for the October 2015 meeting.  The details of the challenge are posted on the Guild website so if you haven’t started you still have time.  Entries can be bed size, wall hang, or other quilted item (table runner, bag, etc).  Celebrate the guild’s anniversary by completing the challenge!


  • Meeting Date/Time
  • 3rd Thursday, 7pm
  • Zion United Methodist Church
  • 1030 Carlisle Ave, York, PA

  • Web Page Member Password
  • Members can send email to yorkquiltersguild@gmail.com

Guild Officers

  • President
    • Joanne Hammen
  • Vice President
    • Donna Sheffer
  • President Ex Officio
    • Margaret "Peg" Gregory
  • Recording Secretary
    • Dawn Gerber
  • Board Secretary
    • Sandra Yingling
  • Guild Treasurer
    • Mary F Moul
  • Programs (second year)
    • Judith Stoltz
    • Betsy Hoffer
  • Programs (first year)
    • Judith Stoltz
    • Joanne Hammen
  • Publicity/Public Relations
    • Joy Rusonis
  • Historian/Photographer
  • Hospitality
    • Deb Wilhide
  • Ways and Means
    • Ginny Lehr
  • Service Projects
    • Susan Kappes
  • Website/Newsletter Editor
    • Joy Rusonis
  • Quilt Show
    • Darlene Schardt
  • Membership
    • Cheryl Dawson
  • Guild Challenge
    • Susan Kappes
  • Community Education
  • Retreat Coordinator
    • Patsy Hartnett
  • Sunshine Lady
    • Cindy Hodge
  • Parliamentarian
    • Patsy Hartnett
  • Show Treasurer

Treasurer's Reports

Main Checking Acct $4,400.98
Show Checking Acct $6,517.45
Total Funds $10,918.43

Connie Bentzel 03
Anne King 05
Joy Rusonis 06
Joanne Smoker 08
Judy Deveney 09
Karen Hagarman 09
Deb Wilhide 11
Connie Holland 13
Rose Huth 13
Cheryl Bahn 26
Carol Blevins 31