January 2015 Newsletter

President's Message

 President’s message  Rita_Van_Wyk-Due

         The past and future ever meet in the eternal now;
         to make each day a thing complete
         shall be our New Year vow.
                                –   John Andrew Storey
    Hi there quilters, I have been snuggling under quilts thinking about the past year,  marveling at how blessed I am, and musing about the coming year.  I don’t actually make New Year’s resolutions, but I do reflect on the events of the past year, and endeavour to figure out what life is trying to teach me.  I also look forward to new beginnings, and the magic they bring.
    And need I say: one of my favourite new beginnings is a new quilt!  Ah, yes: the designing, the planning, the auditioning of fabrics  – good stuff!  I get much pleasure out of dreaming about a quilt even before the first piece of fabric is selected.
     As much as I like to ruminate about the past,  and fantasize about the future,  the reality is that I can only be present in this moment, now.  Right now, being present consists of adjusting to winter, braving ice and snow, and honouring my commitments.  I’m working on my Challenge quilt (believe me, that honeymoon is over; it’s hard labour now!), and soon I’ll be working on the lovely charity block that Debbie Weaver is organizing for us. My UFOs are patiently awaiting my attention.   All other projects will have to take a back seat.
    Of course, while I’m stressing my aging hands trying to get this project done, nothing keeps me from daydreaming about the next new quilt, or quilts, and relishing the thrill that the creative process brings.  Hope this is also true for all of you.
     Wishing you a happy and creative New Year!
                                              Rita VanWyk-Due

Bad Weather Cancellation of Guild Meetings

As your President, I have to make the decision on whether to cancel or not.  I promise to make this decision as the leader of a brave, adventurous group of quilters, rather than as a wimpy old African woman who is dry heat addicted.

    Watch WGAL if the weather is iffy; that’s where I’ll post a cancellation. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that it won’t be necessary this winter.  Think sun!   Rita

Secretary's Report



Tips and Tricks

Hint: Before you sew a project from a book or pattern, go to the designer’s website for any “Whoops”! corrections before you wish you had.  – Jane Martin

Ways and Means

Ways and Means

January Program

January Program

YQG Trivia

November 2006 we had “Interests other than Quilting” demos

Embellishments- Rhonda Bateman

Hand Embroidery- Carol Blevins

Beading- Linda Carroll

Stamping- Judy Deveney

Woodcarving- Rose & John Huth

I think quilters enjoy many other creative things!


Barbara Colvin

Sunshine and Shadows

sunraysIf a fellow quilter is ill, has surgery, a birth or death in the family, or could just use a note of cheer, please let me know.  You can reach me at LSWri@aol.com  or 717-428-2893  Thank you.

In December a sympathy card was sent to the family of Helen Gockley’s family, a sympathy card was sent to the husband of Barbara Crumbling, and a get well card was sent to Ruth Ann Hallman.

Linda Wright

Quilting Humor

borrow scissors

  • Meeting Date/Time
  • 3rd Thursday, 7pm
  • Zion United Methodist Church
  • 1030 Carlisle Ave, York, PA

  • Web Page Member Password
  • Members can send email to yorkquiltersguild@gmail.com

Guild Officers

  • President
    • Joanne Hammen
  • Vice President
    • Donna Sheffer
  • President Ex Officio
    • Margaret "Peg" Gregory
  • Recording Secretary
    • Dawn Gerber
  • Board Secretary
    • Sandra Yingling
  • Guild Treasurer
    • Mary F Moul
  • Programs (second year)
    • Judith Stoltz
    • Betsy Hoffer
  • Programs (first year)
    • Judith Stoltz
    • Joanne Hammen
  • Publicity/Public Relations
    • Joy Rusonis
  • Historian/Photographer
  • Hospitality
    • Deb Wilhide
  • Ways and Means
    • Ginny Lehr
  • Service Projects
    • Susan Kappes
  • Website/Newsletter Editor
    • Joy Rusonis
  • Quilt Show
    • Darlene Schardt
  • Membership
    • Cheryl Dawson
  • Guild Challenge
    • Susan Kappes
  • Community Education
  • Retreat Coordinator
    • Patsy Hartnett
  • Sunshine Lady
    • Cindy Hodge
  • Parliamentarian
    • Patsy Hartnett
  • Show Treasurer

Treasurer's Reports

Main Checking Account: $3,739.72
Show Checking Account: $6,664.30
TOTAL FUNDS: $10,404.02

Doris Heigl 4
Sarah Jane Liek 5
Sidney Innerst 8
Elizabeth Kohler 13
Nancy Mott 21