April 2016

Minutes from March 2016 Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 7PM by President, Sarah O’Sullivan. Cheryl Dawson welcomed two new members and two new guests.

Anne Clinton has hard copies of the quilt challenge if anyone needs them.

MAQ will be held July 15-17 at Mt. St. Mary’s.

Simply Stashing in Littlestown will hold an open house on April 7,8,and 9, 2016.

Evelyn Hunt talked about upcoming workshops for the guild.

Ginny Lehr needs many donations for the Quilt Show. And Lisa Blythe needs more help with the many jobs available. Please respond to both these ladies!
Great news! Our website has had 1200+ hits for information about our upcoming show.

Four spaces are left for our Spring Retreat in Carlisle.

Show and Tell was spectacular, as usual. 15 members participated. Many showed 1,000 piece quilts.

Evelyn Hunt introduced our speaker, Laurene Bowers. Her topic was “Tiny Pieces to Modern Art Quilts.”

Respectfully submitted,
Linda Kenee
Recording Sec’y

With a huge thank you to Rochelle Nyman for taking these minutes because I was out of town!

Are you interested in learning how to make interleave quilts? If so,please contact Evelyn Hunt via e-mail (Jordon291@juno.com)’ Laurene Bowers has agreed to do a workshop. If there is enough interest I will schedule a Saturday workshop in early November as a York Quilters’ Guild Workshop.

Once you understand the concept Laurene stated that she can make one in a half of a day. I am planning for full day workshops.

YQG Trivia

March 1998, Carol Blevins gave a lecture entitled “Finished Edges”.
Carol showed us how to achieve prize winning edges on our quilts.
We learned a lot of tricks about binding, mitering and what judges look for
on the edge of quilts when judging a show. This was a timely information with
our quilt show coming in June 1998.

Barbara Colvin

President's Report

Greetings all,

As the 2016 Celebration of Quilts rapidly approaches, I’ve been using the show as a deadline to finish some long-neglected projects. I have a bad habit of starting many more projects than I finish. Either life gets in the way, interposing a baby quilt or graduation gift that becomes more urgent, or I run into a problem or decision that I can’t quite seem to solve, or I simply run out of steam. It’s a lot more fun to start a new project than to drag out an old one with all its baggage.

Fortunately, I belong to York Quilters Guild! The guild offers all of us so many opportunities to either get reenergized about old projects through program lectures, last year’s UFO challenge, or retreats; or to divest ourselves of our unwanted projects through service projects, the show’s guild boutique, orphan block swaps, or even the giveaway table.

I hope many of you are falling back in love with some unfinished quilting projects so we can see your work hanging in glory at the show in May. And the best part of “spring cleaning” your work-in-progress queue is that it makes room, both physically and psychologically, for the new!

See you at the meeting,
Sarah O’Sullivan
The next YQG Board Meeting will be held at 7pm on Thursday, May 12, at the Susan B. Anthony room in the Carriage House of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of York. If you cannot attend but have information, questions, or issues to be brought before the board, please contact a board member prior to the meeting.

Upcoming Workshops

jane frenke 1

Friday, June 17, 2016
Dancing Log Cabins
Workshop with Jane Frenke

Join Jane to learn her technique for Dancing Log Cabins (an interesting class in breaking the rules). Taking her basic technique, each student will end up with blocks that are completely individual. No cookie-cutter blocks here!
This class is limited to 15 students!jungle11

Saturday June 18, 2016
It’s a Jungle Out There!
Workshop with Jane Frenke

This class is limited to 15 student!
Workshop fee $45 members/$50 non-members. An additional pattern fee is to be paid prior to the class.

  • Meeting Date/Time
  • 3rd Thursday, 7pm
  • Zion United Methodist Church
  • 1030 Carlisle Ave, York, PA

  • Web Page Member Password
  • Members can send email to yorkquiltersguild@gmail.com

Guild Officers

  • President
    • Joanne Hammen
  • Vice President
    • Donna Sheffer
  • President Ex Officio
    • Margaret "Peg" Gregory
  • Recording Secretary
    • Dawn Gerber
  • Board Secretary
    • Sandra Yingling
  • Guild Treasurer
    • Mary F Moul
  • Programs (second year)
    • Judith Stoltz
    • Betsy Hoffer
  • Programs (first year)
    • Judith Stoltz
    • Joanne Hammen
  • Publicity/Public Relations
    • Joy Rusonis
  • Historian/Photographer
  • Hospitality
    • Deb Wilhide
  • Ways and Means
    • Ginny Lehr
  • Service Projects
    • Susan Kappes
  • Website/Newsletter Editor
    • Joy Rusonis
  • Quilt Show
    • Darlene Schardt
  • Membership
    • Cheryl Dawson
  • Guild Challenge
    • Susan Kappes
  • Community Education
  • Retreat Coordinator
    • Patsy Hartnett
  • Sunshine Lady
    • Cindy Hodge
  • Parliamentarian
    • Patsy Hartnett
  • Show Treasurer

Treasurer's Reports

Main Checking: 5602.71
Show Checking: 9790.69
total 15393.40

April Birthdays

Shelia Arnold 12
Jan Swarthout 12
Cheryl Dawson 16
Carlyn Dentler 18
Judy Sorensen 24