April 2015 Newsletter

President's Message


       Renewal and Spring FeverRita_Van_Wyk-Due
           Love calls like the wild birds;
           it’s another day.
           Spring wind blew my list
           of things to do away.        
From Spring Wind by Greg Brown.
    Dear fellow quilters, Spring finds me as usual: deeply in love and unable to think straight.  Instead of getting around to all the things I have to do, I go for walks, admiring the dear little blooms in the gardens. Dreams of longer walks in the County Park or day trips to botanical gardens conspire to lure me away from my list of chores! What can a poor Nature-lover do when the great Outdoors becomes so inviting? But when sunset comes…….
    Love calls:  my love of cutting up fabric and piecing to my heart’s content, is once again sweeping me off my feet. My Challenge quilt is underway; how about all of you?  I like to think that at our Show next year, we will be able to display a nice number of quilts inspired by our 30th anniversary.
    Keep stitching!    Rita VanWyk-Due, Lazily being your President

Secretary's Report

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Rita VanWyk-Due, President.

Rita welcomed everyone and opened the meeting with a quote of the day:  “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change” (by Stephen Hawking)

Committee announcements:

2016 Quilt Show:  Darla Landis updated the Guild on planning for the show.  Questionnaires were handed out at the February meeting for guild member input concerning featured artist, classes to offer, professional teacher suggestions, etc.  If you were not at the February meeting and wished to fill one out, see Darla.

Membership:  We had one guest this evening.

Programs:  Cheryl Dawson noted that the chenille class being held on Saturday is filled.

There will not be a speaker at the March meeting. We will be working on charity items for Access-York. People are needed to sign up to bring ironing boards, cutting equipment, sewing machines. You can check with Cheryl  to see what is needed.  Set-up is at 5:30pm and clean-up by 9:30pm. Examples of some projects we will be working on are pillowcases and small blankets for kids.

Rita will be conducting a workshop on May 9th (Saturday) on how to make a Sourdough Starter quilt.

Show and Tell was held and numerous items were shown by our talented members.

Program: The program for the March meeting was titled “QSI, Preservation and Restoration” and was presented by Joan Hamme, Bobbe Benvin, and Connie Holland. The presenters spoke about quilt care, different materials and methods to mend quilts, and if the previous two failed, how to re-purpose an old quilt.  Many thanks to these ladies for sharing their knowledge.

The meeting was adjourned after the program.

Respectfully submitted,

Anne King, recording secretary


The April meeting will be devoted to a work session in which we plan to produce a bunch of quilt tops for kids’ quilts to donate to Access York and some pillowcases for the ConKerr project. The church will be available from 5:30 p.m. to shortly after 9 p.m. (and we must be out by 9:30). If you want to bring a project of your own, that’s fine too. We will take a short break at 7 p.m. for the usual business meeting and Show and Tell.

Access York, if you are not familiar with it, is a shelter for
battered women, who come for help with very little except the clothes on their backs and their children. When Access York is ready to send these women out again into the community, they need household items to help them live in an apartment or new home. We are asking members to look around and see if there is kitchen equipment, household linens like blankets or towels, or small household items that they are not using. We will accept donations of such and pass them on to Access York. Contributing pillowcases to the ConKerr project is a  continuing effort and we hope to have 30 pillowcases in honor of our 30th anniversary to send. We have materials for nearly that many and could use a few more.

Please bring your sewing machine if you want to sew on one of these projects and have it ready with a neutral color thread such as very light grey or beige or cream. Also bring the usual sewing equipment such as scissors, straight pins, etc. We will also need some ironing boards and irons as well as some cutting mats, rotary cutters and rulers. The cutting equipment is not such a big deal to bring, but if you can bring an ironing board and iron, please either call Cheryl at
717-846-1225 or email her at daws1cheryl@comcast.net, so that we don’t have people bringing bulky equipment unnecessarily. (If she doesn’t get offers, she will start calling people.)  Be prepared to plug into a distant electrical outlet by bringing an extension cord or power strip. We will have a few available as well.

The ladies at Pat Matthews’, and especially Pat, have done some cutting so that we will have a selection of “kits” to put together and Cheryl has done some cutting as well for some very simple pieced tops, including enough strips for several small “Trip around the World” tops by the “cylinder method”, which she will show you if you want to learn that. They have also prepared the materials to make a number of pillowcases for the ConKerr project. We will have tables set up as work stations for you to use and join a team on one of these projects.

We will continue this and plan to finish the kids’ quilts at a longer session at the June meeting, when we can have the church meeting room for the entire afternoon before the regular evening meeting. We can be there from about 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. and we’ll take a break for a potluck supper sometime in that time and another break at 7 p.m. for the evening meeting and Show and Tell.

Please join us in the comradery of working together to help our community.

YQG Trivia

July 1994, our meeting was a hands-on workshop on Marbling fabric taught by member Annette Ehly.

Then in July of 1995 she did another hands-on workshop on Dye Painted fabric.

We were still in meeting at Lutheran Memorial and did the fabric dying in the small kitchen.

We were a much smaller guild at that time. In going through fabric last week I came across those fabric pieces.

Still don’t know what to make with them!


Barbara Colvin

Ways and Means

Ways and Means April

Sunshine and Shadows

sunraysIf a fellow quilter is ill, has surgery, a birth or death in the family, or could just use a note of cheer, please let me know.  You can reach me at LSWri@aol.com  or 717-428-2893  Thank you.

In March a get well card was sent to Sally Eshelman.

Linda Wright


Raffle Quilt Winner Takes Up Quilting

MareteMarilyn Neuberger sent me information on the wonderful story of a raffle quilt’s mission, accomplished.  I include these extracts from her emails:

    There are two Danish quilters who should be here for the September meeting: Our friend Merete Klem Andersen and her friend Connie. Another friend of theirs named Bente will be traveling with them, but she’s not a quilter.
    Merete was visiting us with her family in 1996 when we went to the show and she bought one ticket for I think $1—and won the quilt!  I believe this was what got her started quilting.
    Merete just sent these photos of the quilt, which is on the bed in a new house she and her husband are moving to in Denmark. It’s nice she included a picture of the back with all the names.Label
    Thank you for the info, Marilyn,  Lovely quilt, and don’t you just love the list of names of the quilters who worked on it!
                                            Rita VanWyk-Due

More Special Groups Germinating in our Guild?

            Through the years, special groups have sprung up in our Guild – probably most famously, the Fab Five whose amazing work was featured at the Gettysburg Art Association a few years ago.
    The Board was thinking that it might be nice to see sub-groups spring up; friends who like to socialize; members who share a love of a specific technique: applique clubs for instance.
    These groups might meet on a weekend afternoon, and ladies who don’t like to drive after dark, might find that aspect appealing.
    The best groups spring up spontaneously.  How about starting a group with some friends? And maybe inviting a former or inactive member to join?  Let’s start thinking about  this kind of extension of our third Thursday evening meetings. Plant a seed in fertile soil……Rita

Classified Ads

A friend who lost her husband last year would like to have some quilts made for her grandchildren from his clothing. If you are interested or know anyone who could do this, please call Peggy Alex at 764-0533.

Thank you.
Piece by Piece
For Sale: A sewing table that will hold 2 machines for $50.   It is 66″wide, 34 ” deep and the ironing board is 22″ on the left side and can be put down.   If interested please contact Linda Wright at LSWri@aol.com  or 717-428-2893  Thank you.
Sewing table 1
  • Meeting Date/Time
  • 3rd Thursday, 7pm
  • Zion United Methodist Church
  • 1030 Carlisle Ave, York, PA

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  • Members can send email to yorkquiltersguild@gmail.com

Guild Officers

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    • Donna Sheffer
  • President Ex Officio
    • Margaret "Peg" Gregory
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    • Dawn Gerber
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  • Guild Treasurer
    • Mary F Moul
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    • Judith Stoltz
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Treasurer's Reports

Show Fund $6,664.30
Main Fund $6,473.62
Total $13,137.92

Elizabeth Anthony 02
Linda Kenee 02
Rhonda R. Newton 03
Cheryl Tassinari 12
Karyn M. Sloat 16
Jane Martin 19
Erma Raver 20
Ann Hoffman 21
Bonnie Lenker 21
Debbie Perry 21
Joanne Hammen 27
Katrina Liek 27
Patsy Hartnett 29
Rachael Tracey 31