2019 Mystery Quilt

Mystery Quilt Clue 6 

Please join us in an adventure to produce a quilt top over the course of six months. There will be one clue per month, each clue made available at a monthly meeting and after the meeting on the members’ area of the guild website. Each clue is designed to be easily completed in one month, either in a cutting or piecing binge, or a little bit each day. The first clue will be given out at the February meeting and one clue per month will follow. The last clue will be given out in July, leaving you three months to complete at least the top and perhaps even the quilt itself before we have a showing of all of our results at the October meeting.

The top should not require any advanced piecing techniques but will produce a colorful dramatic quilt that can be either scrappy or coordinated depending on your fabric choices. The only piecing you will need to do will be to produce half-square-triangle and four-patch blocks and set those together into two larger blocks. (There will be no applique, paper piecing or Y-seams.) Borders are suggested (but not necessary) and it will be your choice as to how many to include or what size to make them, depending on the size you want to make it. Quilting will be up to you as you desire.

We hope you will enjoy working on the mystery quilt and then enjoy your striking new quilt for years to come.

YQG 2019 Mystery Quilt Clue 1


YQG 2019 Mystery Quilt Clue 2 corrected


YQG 2019 Mystery Quilt Clue 3 Rev 1


YQG 2019 Mystery Quilt Clue 4 Final version.docx


YQG 2019 Mystery Quilt Clue 5

Mystery Quilt Clue 6